Our Projects

    • TUEV Nord: Expert Seminar Sustainability Reporting and Supply Chain Act
    • Feasibility Study: Municipality of Lägerdorf

    • Sustainability Report (DNK) for the Lifestyle-Hotel SAND

    • Study of Global Circular Material: Top 10 Circular Systems

    • Canters for New Work-New Culture in the Baltic Sea Region

    • Social Empowerment: Support of New Work-New Culture Initiatives through User Involvement in Social Service Design (SEMPRE Project)

    • Sustainability à la Carte: Concept for a Sustainable Cuisine & Circular Innovations in the Hotel and Catering Industry

    • Sustainability and Quality Management (IU: International University GmbH, Erfurt)

    • Japanese Environmental Policy (German Institute for Japanese Studies/Tokyo) Socio-Spatial Relations of Human Interactions in Global Environmental Change: A Comparative Study of Japan’s and Germany’s Policy Actions for the Sustainability Transformation